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About BellPal

BellPal is a Swedish company that was founded in 2015, and its head office is located in Stockholm. We develop products and services that support senior citizens, enabling them to live an independent and active life. Our goal is to develop technology that is more human through design and engineering. We want the technical aspects of the technology to be invisible, to the extent that this is possible, and let simplicity take precedence.

We offer solutions for an active lifestyle and increased well-being rather than for health and healthcare. There is a great need for this, both among users and within the healthcare sector. Users request aids and solutions that enable them to live the life they want, something we notice when we develop products together with them. The healthcare sector in turn needs help to reduce the mounting pressure it faces, a pressure which is increasing rapidly as people get older and are encouraged to live independent lives. This is something most people want, if it can be achieved without sacrificing their quality of life and sense of security. This is where BellPal comes in.

“I was raised by my grandparents. I learned about the ageing process at an early age. My grandmother Irene developed Alzheimer’s. One day she didn’t answer when I phoned her. Nor did she answer the next day. In the end we phoned the police, who found her in the bathtub. After three long days and nights alone, she was in a pretty bad state, but she was alive. I realised that she was not the only senior citizen who had been through such a terrible experience. Older people fall over and may not have the strength to get up by themselves, and therefore cannot contact their family, friends or outside help. This happens all the time, everywhere. Far too often it has fatal consequences. That is why we started BellPal. To support our senior citizens in being active, having a high quality of life and maintaining their independence.”

–  David Ziemsky, Founder and CEO

A short video about why we founded BellPal

The challenge that drives BellPal

One of the most important factors for our well-being, is to be able to live an active and independent life, where you decide how much you want to be part of a social context. The fact is that meeting other people, being greeted with a smile in the supermarket or hearing a friendly hello in the street, works wonders. If your life is in any way restricted, it may have far-reaching consequences. You become more inactive, and find it more difficult to see friends, family and other people and to have a healthy social life. You become tied to one place, often your home, and you do not get enough exercise. When your body is not active, it becomes weaker. A vicious circle ensues that affects a person’s physical, mental and social well-being.

BellPal’s product and service development

Our first product on the market is the BellPal Watch. An elegant watch with smart technology that detects falls and notifies friends, relatives or other people chosen by the person wearing the watch. The watch enables the wearer to continue being active and independent, without having to worry about falling over.

In collaboration with our users, we develop products and services that aim to promote an active life. We focus on the physiological (automatic fall detection), the psychological (alleviating anxiety and insecurity) and the social (promoting closeness with family and friends, or other forms of inclusion). We would be delighted to hear your thoughts, suggestions and comments. Feel free to contact us by phone or email.




BellPal HQ

BellPal AB
Magnus Ladulåsgatan 3
118 65 Stockholm Sweden
+46 8 515 12 75 20‬
BellPal AB (corporate ID number 559079-6958)

David Ziemsky
CEO & Founder
Jeanette Lilja
Customer Experience Director
Olle Svensson
Business Design & Key Client Developer
Mattias Blomquist
Fredric Forsmann
Helena Sandén
Marten Junell
Marketing & Brand

BellPal Americas LCC
Office: 7654 Standish Place, Rockville MD 20855

Robert O. Wray, Jr.
Rear Admiral, USN (ret) CEO
BlueStar SeniorTech
America’s Senior Technology Experts
800-300-1724, cell 401-474-7079