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BellPal Education

A simple customer service guide with all the basic information you need to know about BellPal!

In this guide, there are basic information about the company and systems we use, focused on customer support. If you want to learn more details about the company, our product or services, please visit bellpal.som/instructions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact or call us at +46 (0)8 515 127 50. We are always happy to answer all your questions!

1 BellPal Basics

BellPal is a Swedish CareTech company that develops products and services that enable senior citizens to lead an active life. Our goal is to use design and engineering to develop more human technology, as well as to provide simple solutions for an independent lifestyle and improved well-being.

BellPal was founded in 2015, and has its head office located in Stockholm. We develop products and services that support senior citizens, enabling them to live an independent and active life. Our goal is to develop technology that is more human through design and engineering. We want the technical aspects of the technology to be invisible, to the extent that this is possible, and let simplicity take precedence.

We offer solutions for an active lifestyle and increased well-being rather than for health and healthcare. There is a great need for this, both among users and within the healthcare sector. Users request aids and solutions that enable them to live the life they want, something we notice when we develop products together with them. The healthcare sector in turn needs help to reduce the mounting pressure it faces, a pressure which is increasing rapidly as people get older and are encouraged to live independent lives. This is something most people want, if it can be achieved without sacrificing their quality of life and sense of security. This is where BellPal comes in.

Suddenly in life, a fall, or just the anxiety about falling, can become a challenge. With the BellPal Watch, this does not restrict a person’s freedom to live an active life. With an automatic fall detector, manual alarm button and an alarm system that notifies designated people, users are never alone in the event of a fall, and their relatives or friends do not need to live in a state of uncertainty.


1.1 The Challenges That Drives BellPal

One of the most important factors for our well-being, is to be able to live an active and independent life, where you decide how much you want to be part of a social context. The fact is that meeting other people, being greeted with a smile in the supermarket or hearing a friendly hello in the street, works wonders. If your life is in any way restricted, it may have far-reaching consequences. You become more inactive, and find it more difficult to see friends, family and other people and to have a healthy social life. You become tied to one place, often your home, and you do not get enough exercise. When your body is not active, it becomes weaker. A vicious circle ensues that affects a person’s physical, mental and social well-being.


1.2 BellPal’s Service and Product Development

One of the most important factors for our well-being, is to be able to live an active and independent life, where you decide how much you want to be part of a social context. The fact is that meeting other people, being greeted with a smile in the supermarket or hearing a friendly hello in the street, works wonders. If your life is in any way restricted, it may have far-reaching consequences. You become more inactive, and find it more difficult to see friends, family and other people and to have a healthy social life. You become tied to one place, often your home, and you do not get enough exercise. When your body is not active, it becomes weaker. A vicious circle ensues that affects a person’s physical, mental and social well-being.


1.3  BellPal Management

David ZiemskyCEO & Founder

Olle SvenssonBusiness Design & Key Client Developer

Magnus WretholmCOO

Ny person – Customer Support

Helena SandénFinance


1.4 Contact Information

BellPal AB (corporate ID number 559079-6958) has its head office and visitor’s address at Maria Skolgata 83, 118 53 Stockholm. You can email us at or call us on +46 (0) 8515 127 50. BellPal AB is also represented in the U.S. 7654 Standish Place Rockville, MD 20855.

2 The Watch


Independence – Living the life you want without feeling restricted. BellPal works wherever you are: indoors and outdoors, anywhere in the world.

Simplicity – The watch contains advanced sensor technology, but is easy to use and requires no complicated installations or charging of batteries.

Security – Both users and their relatives will be free from unnecessary worry and uncertainty.

Design – We want our aids to be elegant accessories, not medical devices.


2.1 How it Works

The BellPal Watch is a smart watch specially designed for senior citizens who want to continue to live an active and independent life. In addition to showing what time it is, the BellPal Watch is equipped with both an automatic fall arm and a manual alarm function so that you can live life on your own terms. It works wherever you are, around the clock, 365 days a year. The BellPal Watch is the result of advanced technology made simple through Swedish design and engineering

The BellPal Watch contains advanced sensors that can detect any fall. However, its greatest advantage is that when an alarm is triggered, notifications are sent to family, friends and other relatives. People that you yourself invite as followers. All you need is a wristwatch and an app on your phone. Your followers only need the app.

Falling down is one thing, but a sense of security and independence is a much bigger issue. That is why the watch also has a manual alarm button. By pressing the button (for 3 seconds), an alarm is triggered and your followers are notified. This means that you no longer need to feel alone or to restrict your activities. Relatives can in turn feel safe, knowing that they will never be far away or unaware if something should happen.


2.2 In The Event of a Fall

In the event of a fall, the BellPal Watch initiates a quick and reliable process. From the moment the fall is detected by the watch, until one or more of your followers has been notified and has responded to the incident. The BellPal Watch is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth (you can find out more about this under Technology specifics), and if an alarm is triggered in the watch, it is sent to the BellPal app, which relays it to your followers who can come to your aid. Your followers may be family members, colleagues or friends – you decide. This is made possible by the Friends & Family subscription, which you can find out more about below.

After an alarm has been triggered, you – but above all your followers – can have a completely transparent discussion via the app. Not unlike a text message conversation. All the followers involved can see what is being written and can easily come to the rescue. While this is going on, everyone involved can see the location of the person wearing the watch, which provides an incredible sense of security. Naturally, a follower can also press a button and phone the person who has fallen over. The person wearing the watch or a follower can deactivate the alarm when everything is under control.

The person wearing the watch and their followers can deactivate the alarm once they have discussed the situation and have agreed on remedial action. It is also possible to call the person wearing the watch.


2.3 Automatic Fall Detection

Many of our routine, everyday movements may be similar to those of a fall. You cåould be playing with your grandchildren, jumping on a trampoline, cycling or even bang your hand on a table… The BellPal Watch contains advanced sensors which have been trained in accordance with clinical studies on falling patterns. The precision in our fall detector is the best on the market and we continue to improve it all the time. An alarm may be triggered even if the person wearing the watch has not fallen over. However, a higher level of sensitivity is preferable to setting the precision to a level that misses actual falls. No harm is done if the alarm that is triggered is a false alarm. Irrespective of how the alarm is triggered (automatically or manually), you can recall a false alarm within 60 seconds, either on the watch or in the app.


2.4 The Manual Alarm

The alarm can be  triggered in three different ways – by falling, by pressing the manual alarm button, or through the app. The automatic alarm is triggered when the watch detects a fall based on your motion pattern. You activate the manual alarm by pressing the button on the left-hand side for 3 seconds, or you can activate it from the app. A manual alarm can be sent for any reason, it is there to make you feel more secure in your day-to-day life. Automatic alarms and manual alarms initiate the same chain reaction that notifies your followers.


2.5 System Requirements and Specifications

The BellPal Watch requires a smartphone with Bluetooth and an internet connection. The majority of smartphones manufactured in 2015 or later are compatible with the BellPal Watch.

iPhone operating system from iOS 11 (iPhone 7, 8, X, XS, 11 etc.). Bluetooth version 4.1 or later. 

Android phones operating system Android 7.0 Nougat or later. Bluetooth version 4.1 or later.


2.6 The Technology

The basic technology behind the watch’s functionality is artificial intelligence, a motion sensor (3D accelerometer) and Bluetooth radio technology (which was invented by the Swedish company Ericsson). The technology allows your watch to stay connected to the BellPal app on your smart phone in a way that is energy-efficient.

More specifically, artificial intelligence involves machine learning where a sensor and an algorithm have learned to recognize very specific patterns, namely patterns related to falls. These patterns are identified with a high level of precision and ignore similar patterns that are not falls. This training has been carried out using a combination of medical data related to falls and actual users. Yes, we have a lot of experience of falling over. Despite using protective mats during our research, we documented at least one broken rib. Investing in technological research can sometimes be painful (we should point out that it was a member of staff who was injured, no actual users were harmed during our research). 

Motion sensors together with an AI engine then identify and classify, in real time, a user’s motion patterns, and thus can immediately send an alarm if a fall occurs. Simple, yet complex.

The app on the phone of the person wearing the watch then sends notifications to the designated followers via BellPal’s alarm system and incident management system.

BellPal has developed an advanced system based on a number of smart and high-tech technologies. Chips, sensors and algorithms are placed on a circuit board, which in turn is incorporated into a module containing the watch movement.


2.7 Design

The sensor technology and alarm functionality are the same in all of our watches, so you can base your choice on design and style. You can also add accessories to the shopping basket, to vary the look of your watch. All our designs have a distinctive clock face with luminescent hands and hour markings, they are waterproof (5 ATM).

The watch is available in 5 different designs, so you can find a style that suits you. We use high-quality materials such as leather, steel and high quality mineral glass. The watch is manufactured in factories whose sole specialization is watches and which produce well-known brands. The interior of the watch, which consists of a clock module, circuit board, processor and sensors, is based on that of market-leading manufacturers and is designed and programmed in Sweden.


2.8 More About the Watch

The BellPal Watch is a marriage of timeless design and advanced functionality. It looks just like an ordinary watch, but it alerts your relatives in the event of a fall. What you do not see is the smart technology on the inside and the advanced algorithms (with so-called machine learning, a field within artificial intelligence; for those interested in this technology.

The watch has a battery life of at least 6 months and when the battery power goes below 15%, we will send you a new one by post. It is easy to check the battery level in your app. You can replace the battery yourself, but we recommend that you take your watch to a watchmaker’s. This is to ensure that the watch retains its waterproof standard of 5 ATM after the battery has been replaced. This means that you can shower with the watch or take a bath (do not press the alarm button when the watch is submerged).

The BellPal Watch is powered by a high-quality Quartz movement from Miyota. Their movements are also used by famous brands such as Citizen, Festina, Jacques Leman and others. You can take the watch with you on both skiing and sun holidays as it can withstand temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +50 °C, while in use as well as when in storage.

You can purchase the watch in our online store or in physical stores from our select distributors (this varies across markets as we expand).

3 Subscriptions


3.1 Friends and Family

The Friends & Family subscription enables all the functionality offered by BellPal Watch in combination with our BellPal app, for the person wearing the watch as well as for their followers. You can purchase a subscription here on our website. The Friends & Family subscription has no lock-in period.

About the features included in the subscription:

  • You can use the app to access information about your watch, such as battery level, software updates, whether it is in range of your mobile phone, etc.
  • The app allows you to add any followers you choose. You invite them through their mobile phone number. Family, friends, neighbours, etc. You can have as many as you like. 
  • In their apps, your followers can also see the battery level of your watch. This is to help remind you to change it (which is easy to do at a watchmaker’s, no charging required).
  • You also have the option of removing followers.
  • The watch works anywhere in the world, 24/7, indoors and outdoors.

With the Friends & Family subscription in combination with the BellPal app, you can rely on getting help if and when you need it. 

Irrespective of whether you buy the watch in our online store or from one of our retailers, you can sign up for the subscription with a few simple clicks on our website (purchase and subscription process may vary slightly in some regions). 

The Friends & Family subscription makes it possible for you to live an active life safe in the knowledge that you are never alone.


3.2 BellPal Respond Center

It is a subscription which, unlike Friends & Family, offers the added security of a care centre where trained employees are available around the clock, for you and your relatives. With BellPal Response Centre, the centre handles the communication with your relatives and, if necessary, with the ambulance services and your local healthcare provider. We keep your relatives continuously updated and after an incident has occurred, we always call you to discuss the incident to make sure you have the help you need and that the entire response chain has worked in the way that it should. This service is live (as of July 2019) in the U.S.A, called BlueStar’s 24/7 Professional Response Center.

4 The BellPal App


4.1 How it Works

In order for the BellPal Watch to work with the Friends & Family subscription, you need to install the BellPal app on your mobile phone. The app is available from the App Store (for iPhone) or the Google Play Store (for Android). It is easy to find by searching for BellPal and installation is simple. The same app is used by both the person wearing the watch and their followers, and it costs nothing to download.

For the person wearing the watch, there are 5 menu options in the app: Alarm, Following, SOS, Followers, Settings.

  • Under Alarm, you can see any on-going alarms. This view is often empty.
  • Under Following, you can see the people who you follow (if any).
  • The SOS menu is where, during an on-going alarm, you can communicate with your followers using the chat feature. It also communicates your location (shared only during an ongoing alarm, find out more under About privacy). When there is no on-going alarm, you can see the watch’s status under SOS – the battery level and whether it is connected to the app/phone. You can also initiate a manual alarm under SOS.
  • Under Followers, you can see a list of the people following you. You always choose your followers yourself, and invitations are sent from here. 
  • Settings is pretty self-explanatory. It is the menu where you will find information about your profile, the watch’s software and whether there are any software updates, as well as information connected to your subscription and an option to log out of the app.

For followers, there are 3 menu options in the app. Alarm, Following and Settings.


4.2 Most Common Questions Step-by-Step (print screen format)

iPhone: LINK

Android: LINK


4.3 Most Common Questions Step-by-Step (video format)


5 Customer Service


5.1 BellPal SE Contact

The customer support is opened from 09:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday.

Phone number: 08-515 127 50

Our support mail is


5.2 BellPal SE Customer Support Channels
  1. Over phone
  2. FreshChat
  3. Email
  4. Social media (such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube)


5.3 Questions and Answers

How many ways can an alarm be triggered in?

Answer: 3! Through the app, the watch or if you fall.  


For how many seconds do you need to press the alarm button to 1. reset the watch, 2. Start the pairing process, 3. Start an alarm and 4. End a false alarm?

Answer: 30 seconds, 2 seconds, 3 seconds and 10 seconds. 


How can you know help is on its way when an alarm has been triggered?

Answer: The red blinking light on the watch changes into green. 


What does the following 4 blinking lights mean? 


  1. Blue = Pairing mode
  2. Red = An alarm has been triggered
  3. Green = Someone has acknowledged the alarm
  4. Red and Blue = The watch has lost connection


Can you have a swim with the watch?

Answer: Yes, you can swim with the watch (5 ATM). 


How many followers can you have?

Answer: Unlimited


How long does the watch battery last?

Answer: For about 6 months.


Who founded the company?

Answer: David Ziemsky


What company has built the backend systems?

Answer: Tritech


What company has built the app?

Answer: Strikersoft


What kind of battery is it?

Answer: CR3032


Watch’s weight?

Answer: 0,25 kg


What material is the watch made of?

Answer: Mineral glas, leather and steel.


How does the followers know you have fallen?

Answer: They get a notification from the app in their phone?


How do you do if you just want to be a follower? Do you still need a subscription?

Answer: All you need to do is download the BellPal USA app and confirm the follower request. You do not need a subscription to be a follower. 


5.4 Three Most Common Questions


5.4.1 How to Get Started

  1. Download the BellPal app

The app is easy to find in AppStore (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android) by searching for BellPal USA. The app is free of charge and it is the same app for watch users and for the followers. 


  1. Connect the BellPal watch with the smartphone

To connect the watch with the smartphone, you need to turn on bluetooth on the phone. In the “connecting step” in the app, you need to press the purple button on the screen while pressing the watch’s left button for two seconds (see more detailed info in the next page). 


  1. Add followers 

In the app, under the view “Followers”, you press the plus sign in the top right corner. You enter the follower’s name and phone number before sending a follower request. Obs! The follower will not be added until he or she has accepted the follower request. 


5.4.2 How to Connect the Watch With the Smartphone

  1. Turn on bluetooth on your smartphone

You go into the smartphone’s setting and turn on bluetooth. 


  1. Press the purple button on the screen in the BellPal app 

When you have the app, you login using your phone number. After a few steps, you will find a request to start pairing the watch with your smartphone. You start the pairing process by pressing the purple button on the screen.


  1. Press the watch’s left button for two seconds 

After pressing the purple button, you press the watch’s left button for two seconds. The watch will start blinking a blue light, which means the pairing is in progress. When the pairing is successful, the watch will stop blinking, and the watch will be ready to use.


Link to youtube-video for iOS:

Link to youtube-video for Android:


5.4.3 How to Reset the Watch

  1. Unpair your watch in the BellPal app

In the BellPal USA app, you go to “Setting” and press “My BellPal Watch”. When you have done that, you choose “Unpair watch”. 


  1. Turn off bluetooth and choose “forget device”

To begin with, you need to go into your smartphone’s settings. You choose bluetooth, and under the on- and off button, it says “My devices”. Press the cogwheel (on Android) or “i” (on iPhone) and choose “Forget device”. To make sure everything is reset, you can turn off and on bluetooth. 


  1. Press the watch’s left button for 30 seconds

To fully reset the watch, you need to hold the watch’s left button for 30 seconds (it is very important that it is a minimum of 30 seconds, even though the blinknings stops before). After doing all three steps, you do the steps written under “How to get started”. 


It’s important to always do all three steps. if you forget one – you need to start over from the start.


5.5 Scenarios
  1. I just triggered an alarm through the app, and noticed that the red light did not blink on my watch. Why did the red light not blink? Is there something wrong with my watch?


Answer: The red light only blinks if an alarm is triggered through a fall or a manual alarm on the watch. Not if it is triggered in the BellPal app. 


  1. Is it possible for someone to pair the watch to their phone, but somehow not have an account in the IMS?  


Answer: Yes, it is possible. If you don’t have a subscription you are just not able to trigger an alarm. 


  1. Customer has gotten the watch for her birthday by her daughter. She has no idea how to use it and insists on getting easy instructions on how to get started. Too many steps will just make her confused. What is the three basic steps on how to get started that you would tell her?



  1. Download the BellPal USA app
  2. Pair the watch with the app
  3. Add followers


  1. A) Customer’s daughter calls customer support to say her mom’s battery has run out, even though she has only had the watch for about 2 months. She got the information from the app where she can see the battery level. The watch’s battery is supposed to last for 6 months. Why do you think this problem has occurred? 


Answer: The app says the watch has 0 % battery when it’s disconnected. That is how a follower can know the watch isn’t paired with the phone = the alarm will not work. The watch should not run out of battery at least before 5 months. To check the real battery level, you should make sure the watch is connected with the smartphone. 


  1. B) For how long should the watch user normally have used the watch before the battery starts to run out?


Answer: For about 6 months. 


  1. The watch user calls customer service saying the watch has started to triggered an alarm even though she hasn’t fallen. Once, it happened when she moved her arm a bit fast and once when she was picking up something at the floor. If this would be the case – what would be the first thing you should recommend the customer to do?


Answer: Update the watch to the latest software and after that, reset it. In the old software, it is much easier to accidentally trigger an alarm when not falling. Every customer should always have the latest update in their watch. It can be a good thing asking all customers. 


  1. A customer calls you yelling he did not order a new watch – that he already has one. Earlier the same day, he got an email saying he ordered a new watch. The customer is very mad and is feeling like BellPal is is not a trustable company. 


Answer: Every month, you get a ”thank you for your purchase”-email. Sometimes that can be confusing. But in fact, we are thanking for the monthly payment. It is something we are thinking about to change, but since this is still the case, it is good for you to know. 


  1. A) customer wants to do a reset on his watch. He has both unpaired the watch in the app and hold the alarm button in for 30 seconds. Still, it doesn’t work to connect the watch with the smartphone. Why do you think that is?


Answer: The customer also needs to go into the phone’s settings and press ”forget device” under bluetooth. If you do not do ALL three steps before trying to set up the watch again, it will not work. 


  1. B) Another customer calls and is having the same problem, but she has done all three steps. She has unpaired the watch in the BellPal app, hold the alarm button in until the light went off, and pressed ”forget device” in the phone’s bluetooth settings. What is likely to be the problem?


Answer: Likely, the customer did not hold in the alarm button for at least 30 seconds. Often, the light goes off before 30 seconds and it is still important to keep holding in the alarm button. 


  1. A man has used the BellPal Watch for a while, but feels like his wife is in better need of one. Therefore, he decides to give the watch to her and sets up a new account under her name. The man still wants to be able to follow his, but even though ha has reset everything and logged in as a follower, the app keeps telling him his watch is disconnected. What do you think the man did wrong?


  1. A) The app menu looks different depending on if you are a user or only a follower. What is the different? 


Answer: As a watch user, you have 5 different options in the menu. As a follower, you only have 3.


  1. B) Is there any case when the rule doesn’t apply?


Answer: Yes, when you used to be a watch user, but now only is a follower. When you still uses the same phone number, the account will remember the old data and still give you 5 options in the app menu. 

6 FreshDesk


FreshDesk is our CRM system. It is an online cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support with all smart automations to get things done faster.


6.1 Tickets


6.1.1 How to Create a Ticket

The easiest way is to start by searching for the customer in Contacts. Under the customer’s profile you can read about previous cases (if the customer has been in contact with us before), see when their first order was places, and create a new ticket. If the customer doesn’t have a profile already – create a new one. The easiest way to do this is via the Overview panel (home page) → Press “New” in the upper right corner ”“ New contact ”.

Once you have entered the customer’s profile, you choose “New Case” in the top right corner. You enter a topic, status, priority, tags and description. If there is a case to be followed up, you put the case as open/waiting. If it’s just a note – you can close it right away. Please describe the case as good as possible. Remember it could be another person reading your description and need to be able to understand what was said/decided etc. In this case – more is less.


6.1.2 When to Create a Ticket

When you’ve been in any type of contact with the customer, you must create a ticket. A ticket is created to help you remember the conversation you had with the customer – regardless it’s you or a colleague that speaks to him or her next. That way you will always be able to offer the best service possible. The more information, the better customer experience. It’s easy to believe you will remember what was said, but you forget faster than what you might think.


6.2 Contacts

When an order is placed online, a contact is automatically created in FreshDesk. A ticket is also made, but it closes directly. With the ticket you will always know what day the contact became a customer.

To search for a customer, go to “Contacts” in the menu bar on the left. There are all our users (contacts) in alphabetical order. Some customers can have odd names such as based on their email address. This is being solved, but so far it is usually best to search for the contact by name, email address or telephone number.

On the customer’s “contact page” you can see all customer history, enter information and create new cases. If you want to edit / delete a customer, you press the edit or delete button in the upper left corner of the “contact page”.


6.3 FreshChat

WeFreshChat is the service we use for our website chat. It’s an easy way to communicate with the customers if it’s just a simple question or such. You can see the chat from within FreshDesk since they’re connected through the same system. That way, it’s easy to keep track of all customers and to make sure you don’t miss anything.

7 WooCommerce


7.1 Subscriptions

To use the alarm service, the customer needs a BellPal subscription that is bought at When a subscription is created through the website, it is automatically placed as an order in WooCommerce. In Woo you will find all our subscriptions. You can see the status, next payment date, coupons, edit contact information etc. What can be a bit tricky to get a hold on is that the subscription information you see – especially the phone number – is not the actual number that is put into our subscription management system. The only place you can see the subscription’s phone number is in Subscription Management. The information you see in WooCommerce under Subscription is the user’s information. 


7.1.1 How to end a subscription

  1. Go to ”WooCommerce” in WordPress
  2. —> ”Subscriptions”
  3. Find the subscription you want to cancel
  4. Press ”Suspend” under the green ”Active” button
  5. Press ”Cancel” under the orange ”On Hold” button
  6. The orange button will then turn into grey and say ”Cancelled”, and you can choose to put it in the trash.
  7. To fully delete a user from the system, you need to create a case to Tritech. If we don’t do this, the user will still be in the system, but without its subscription. So, you need to remove both the subscription and the actual user.


7.1.2 How to add new users and subscriptions in Admin

  1. Lägg till ny användare
  • Gå till användare och tryck på ”Lägg till ny”.
  • Skapa en ny användare med användarnamn, e-post och lösenord.
  • Sätt att roll ska vara ”Customer”. Checka ur e-post-rutan så att inget mail skickas.


  1. Lägg till ny subscription
  • Woocommerce – Subscriptions. Tryck på knappen uppe till vänster ”Add Subscription”.
  • Customer: – Sök efter användaren och lägg till
  • Under Billing Details – Fyll i uppgifter till användaren  – Tänk på att skippa nollan i början på telefonnumret och fyll i landskod tex 46701223344 (inget +)
  • Lägg till en artikel
  • Lägg till Objekt
  • Lägg till produkt(er) – välj bara en dvs. Nära & Kära eller Trygghetsjour
  • Uppe till höger välj Subscription åtgärder – Välj ”Create Pending Parent Order”
  • Tryck Skapa
  • Subscription status: Active
  • Under Payment ändra till “Every month”
  • Gå ut till höger och välj en tid för ”Trial End” och sedan en för ”End Date”. Detta är hur länge de ska ha gratis abonnemang, så sätt det till 3 år fram i tiden – optimalt är om ni kan sätta dem till samma annars sätt ”End Date” samma dag/tid men en minut efter.
  • Tar bort ”Next Payment” om där är något
  • Sedan tryck ”Uppdatera”


  1. Lägg till order (om kund beställt med produkt utöver abonnemanget)
  • Gå till Ordrar
  • Gå in på den ordern som precis skapats för kunden.
  • Under artiklar klickar du på ”lägg till objekt”.
  • Lägg till klockan.
  • Sätt orderstatus till “Behandlas”.
  • Klicka på Uppdatera.


7.2 Users

When an order is created, the system will automatically create a user in WooCommerce. The user information is mainly for “My BellPal”. The information that we see from backend is the same that the customer see if he or she logs in. If the watch and the subscription is bought at two different times, two user accounts will be created. 


7.3 Orders

Under order, you will find the customer’s contact information, what product the customer bought, if a coupon has been used, time of the order and most importantly – status. When the order is placed it will start with the status “Processing”, and later change to “Completed” if the payment goes through. When the order is completed, you mostly use the order information as a receipt that is good to have if something happens with the hardware or if you need to see what date the order was placed.


A order mainly have three different scenarios.

  1. A watch + subscription purchase: When a subscription order is placed through, three things are created in WooCommerce. 1. A new order, 2. The subscription, and 3. A user. 
  2. A subscription purchase: When a subscription order is placed through, three things are created in WooCommerce. 1. A new order, 2. The subscription, and 3. A user. 
  3. A watch purchase: When a watch order is placed through, two things are created in WooCommerce. 1. A new order, and 2. A user. 


7.4 Coupons

Coupons are made through WooCommerce. If you need to create a new one, you do it here. They can be made for a campaign, an unhappy customer or to give someone 3 months free of charge. You choose what type of discount (fixed, percentage, recurring or not etc.), lead time and how long it’s valid for.


7.5 Reports

Under Reports you’ll find statistics from all sales that goes through the website. You can choose dates, type of product, new or renewed subscriptions etc.

8 Extend and Stripe


8.1 Extend

Extend is the program we currently use in Sweden as a multi channel and order management system. There you can see all orders from distributors and from our webshop. Retailers can have their own business site with personalized prices and place orders themselves. The easiest way to get help is through their chat. 


8.2 Stripe

Stripe is the payment system we currently use in Sweden and USA. When an order is placed through our webshop, and the card is added as the payment method, a customer profile is created in Stripe. You can never see the customer’s full card number, but the system allows you to make payments and refunds. Stripe is also connected with WooCommerce. For example, Woo will know when a payment doesn’t go through and put the subscription On Hold. If the order payment goes through, the order changes from “Proceed” to “Completed”. Great customer service!



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