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Gratis frakt och retur
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Independence & Security in a Watch

  • Automatic and manual fall detector
  • Notifies your near and dear
  • 6-month battery life
  • Swedish design and technology

The BellPal Watch increases the user's independence and provides loved ones with peace of mind

Suddenly in life, a fall, or just the anxiety about falling, can become a challenge. With the BellPal Watch, this does not restrict a person’s freedom to live an active life. With an automatic fall detector, manual alarm button and an alarm system that notifies designated people, users are never alone in the event of a fall, and their relatives or friends do not need to live in a state of uncertainty.

BellPal Watch

  • Independence - Living the life you want without feeling restricted. BellPal works wherever you are: indoors and outdoors, anywhere in the world.
  • Simplicity - The watch contains advanced sensor technology, but is easy to use and requires no complicated installations or charging of batteries.
  • Security - Both users and their relatives will be free from unnecessary worry and uncertainty.
  • Design - We want our aids to be elegant accessories, not medical devices.

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Brief overview of BellPal

BellPal is a Swedish CareTech company that develops products and services that enable senior citizens to lead an active life. Our goal is to use design and engineering to develop more human technology, as well as to provide simple solutions for an independent lifestyle and improved well-being.

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