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More about BellPal

A world-class fall detector

There’s a difference between the act of falling and other movements. The BellPal watch features a self-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine that has been taught to be a world champion at detecting when its users fall. We have applied research on falls and actual simulated falls to teach the watch to identify a great variety of ways we humans fall. It is a self-learning computer that continuously gets better at its job.

Immediate response. Anywhere, anytime

The BellPal Security Hotline responds to calls any time of day, all year round. A licenced nurse or assistant nurse will receive the call and can help you reach your neighbours and loved ones or send medical staff or an ambulance to your location, depending on your preference.
The BellPal Security Hotline is not a healthcare provider. Our aim is to be there for you and to help you assess your own situation, after which we will put you in touch with your neighbours and loved ones or emergency services. We do this by always responding to your alarm, and determining your condition through a series of questions. We have a great deal of experience and expertise, but we are not a replacement for ordinary healthcare services.

We always call you back

Whenever the alarm is triggered, we will always call you (the watch-wearer) a second time, even if you appear uninjured during our first call. We know that the pain from a fall can arise gradually, even though everything feels fine at first. That’s why it can be nice to get a call where someone asks you a second time how you are doing and whether you have changed your mind on the need for medical assistance. Additionally, in the event that we help you call an ambulance, we always call you back a while later to hear how you are doing and to ensure you have everything you need. We can also inform your neighbours and loved ones about the situation.

Never alone

If you fall, an alarm is triggered. Everyone on your contact list receives a notification about what has happened. The message clearly states exactly where you are. Through BellPal’s app, everyone on your contact list can communicate with each other as well as our medical staff at the BellPal Security Hotline to coordinate the fastest possible response to your fall.


At BellPal, we care about your privacy. There is no way for anyone, neither us nor your contact list, to monitor you or track the movements of your watch. The BellPal app only shows your position when an alarm is activated. The only thing we here at BellPal can monitor is the battery status of your watch and smartphone. This is to ensure that we can remind you in good time to change your watch battery or charge your smartphone. We do not get any kind of insight into your personal life beyond that which takes place when you fall while wearing your BellPal watch.

Manual alarm

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you need help due to something other than a fall. That is why every watch also comes with a manual alarm button, located right by the 10-hour marker on your watch dial. When you press the button, the same thing happens as when you fell: your contact list is alerted, and we call you to check up on you. In the BellPal app, you can cancel the alarm if you accidentally pushed the button.

The alarm goes off, but you do not require help

Naturally, there are times where you might fall and not get hurt. You could be in the middle of playing a fun game with the grandchildren, jumping on a trampoline or engaged in some other vigorous physical activity. During such times, you may accidentally press down on the manual alarm button. That’s fine! Once the alarm is activated, the app on your phone emits a beeping sound, giving you 60 seconds to cancel any false alarm before it is sent on to the BellPal Security Hotline and your contact list.
When you cancel an alarm because you are not really injured or because it’s a false alarm, the app on your phone will ask you to enter the four-digit code shown on your screen so that the staff at our Response Center can be sure that you did not accidentally cancel the alarm. No one will receive a notification until the alarm is broadcasted through the app, so you can get back to what you were doing right away!


Other fall alarm devices need to be charged frequently. Not ours. Your BellPal watch will continue working for at least 6 months with normal use. That allows you to send many alarms - far more than the vast majority of people would ever need to. When the remaining battery life drops below 15%, we will automatically send you a new battery. You can choose to either change the battery yourself or request that we refer you to the nearest watchmaker who can do it for you. You can also buy the battery yourself if you prefer. If so, we are happy to help you find your nearest seller.

The Team

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