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How it works

The BellPal Watch is a smart watch specially designed for senior citizens who want to continue to live an active and independent life. In addition to showing what time it is, the BellPal Watch is equipped with both an automatic fall arm and a manual alarm function so that you can live life on your own terms. It works wherever you are, around the clock, 365 days a year. The BellPal Watch is the result of advanced technology made simple through Swedish design and engineering. Would you like a more comprehensive and detailed introduction to how the watch and app work? Find out more in the instructions page.

A short introduction video about BellPal


You are never alone
The sequence of events in a fall
Subscription: Friends & Family
More about the BellPal Watch
The BellPal app on your phone
Technology specifics
About your privacy
About getting older and falling over
For relatives

You are never alone

The BellPal Watch contains advanced sensors that can detect any fall. However, its greatest advantage is that when an alarm is triggered, notifications are sent to family, friends and other relatives. People that you yourself invite as followers. All you need is a wristwatch and an app on your phone. Your followers only need the app.

Falling down is one thing, but a sense of security and independence is a much bigger issue. That is why the watch also has a manual alarm button. By pressing the button (for 3 seconds), an alarm is triggered and your followers are notified. This means that you no longer need to feel alone or to restrict your activities. Relatives can in turn feel safe, knowing that they will never be far away or unaware if something should happen.


The sequence of events in a fall


In the event of a fall, the BellPal Watch initiates a quick and reliable process. From the moment the fall is detected by the watch, until one or more of your followers has been notified and has responded to the incident. The BellPal Watch is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth (you can find out more about this under Technology specifics), and if an alarm is triggered in the watch, it is sent to the BellPal app, which relays it to your followers who can come to your aid. Your followers may be family members, colleagues or friends – you decide. This is made possible by the Friends & Family subscription, which you can find out more about below.

After an alarm has been triggered, you – but above all your followers – can have a completely transparent discussion via the app. Not unlike a text message conversation. All the followers involved can see what is being written and can easily come to the rescue. While this is going on, everyone involved can see the location of the person wearing the watch, which provides an incredible sense of security. Naturally, a follower can also press a button and phone the person who has fallen over. The person wearing the watch or a follower can deactivate the alarm when everything is under control.


The person wearing the watch and their followers can deactivate the alarm once they have discussed the situation and have agreed on remedial action. It is also possible to call the person wearing the watch.


Automatic fall detection

Many of our routine, everyday movements may be similar to those of a fall. You could be playing with your grandchildren, jumping on a trampoline, cycling or even bang your hand on a table… The BellPal Watch contains advanced sensors which have been trained in accordance with clinical studies on falling patterns. The precision in our fall detector is the best on the market and we continue to improve it all the time. An alarm may be triggered even if the person wearing the watch has not fallen over. However, a higher level of sensitivity is preferable to setting the precision to a level that misses actual falls. No harm is done if the alarm that is triggered is a false alarm. Irrespective of how the alarm is triggered (automatically or manually), you can recall a false alarm within 60 seconds, either on the watch or in the app.


Manual alarm

The BellPal Watch can trigger an alarm in two different ways. Automatic and manual. The automatic alarm is triggered when the watch detects a fall based on your motion pattern. You activate the manual alarm by pressing the button on the left-hand side for 3 seconds, or you can activate it from the app. A manual alarm can be sent for any reason, it is there to make you feel more secure in your day-to-day life. Automatic alarms and manual alarms initiate the same chain reaction that notifies your followers.

Friends & Family subscription

The Friends & Family subscription enables all the functionality offered by BellPal Watch in combination with our BellPal app, for the person wearing the watch as well as for their followers. You can purchase a subscription here on our website. The Friends & Family subscription has no lock-in period.

About the features included in the subscription:

  • You can use the app to access information about your watch, such as battery level, software updates, whether it is in range of your mobile phone, etc.
  • The app allows you to add any followers you choose. You invite them through their mobile phone number. Family, friends, neighbours, etc. You can have as many as you like. 
  • In their apps, your followers can also see the battery level of your watch. This is to help remind you to change it (which is easy to do at a watchmaker’s, no charging required).
  • You also have the option of removing followers.
  • The watch works anywhere in the world, 24/7, indoors and outdoors.


With the Friends & Family subscription in combination with the BellPal app, you can rely on getting help if and when you need it. 

Irrespective of whether you buy the watch in our online store or from one of our retailers, you can sign up for the subscription with a few simple clicks on our website (purchase and subscription process may vary slightly in some regions). 

The Friends & Family subscription makes it possible for you to live an active life safe in the knowledge that you are never alone.


BellPal Response Center – launching in autumn 2019

In the autumn of 2019, we will also be launching an entirely new subscription: The BellPal Response Centre. It is a subscription which, unlike Friends & Family, offers the added security of a care centre where trained employees are available around the clock, for you and your relatives. With BellPal Response Centre, the centre handles the communication with your relatives and, if necessary, with the ambulance services and your local healthcare provider. We keep your relatives continuously updated and after an incident has occurred, we always call you to discuss the incident to make sure you have the help you need and that the entire response chain has worked in the way that it should. This service is live (as of July 2019) in the U.S.A, called BlueStar’s 24/7 Professional Response Center.


More about the BellPal Watch

The BellPal Watch is a marriage of timeless design and advanced functionality. It looks just like an ordinary watch, but it alerts your relatives in the event of a fall. What you do not see is the smart technology on the inside and the advanced algorithms (with so-called machine learning, a field within artificial intelligence; for those interested in this technology.

The watch is available in 5 different designs, so you can find a style that suits you. We use high-quality materials such as leather, steel and high quality mineral glass. The watch is manufactured in factories whose sole specialization is watches and which produce well-known brands. The interior of the watch, which consists of a clock module, circuit board, processor and sensors, is based on that of market-leading manufacturers and is designed and programmed in Sweden.

The watch has a battery life of at least 6 months and when the battery power goes below 15%, we will send you a new one by post. It is easy to check the battery level in your app. You can replace the battery yourself, but we recommend that you take your watch to a watchmaker’s. This is to ensure that the watch retains its waterproof standard of 5 ATM after the battery has been replaced. This means that you can shower with the watch or take a bath (do not press the alarm button when the watch is submerged).

The BellPal Watch is powered by a high-quality Quartz movement from Miyota. Their movements are also used by famous brands such as Citizen, Festina, Jacques Leman and others. You can take the watch with you on both skiing and sun holidays as it can withstand temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +50 °C, while in use as well as when in storage.

You can purchase the watch in our online store or in physical stores from our select distributors (this varies across markets as we expand).


The BellPal app on your phone

In order for the BellPal Watch to work with the Friends & Family subscription, you need to install the BellPal app on your mobile phone. The app is available from the App Store (for iPhone) or the Google Play Store (for Android). It is easy to find by searching for BellPal and installation is simple. The same app is used by both the person wearing the watch and their followers, and it costs nothing to download.

For the person wearing the watch, there are 5 menu options in the app: Alarm, Following, SOS, Followers, Settings.

  • Under Alarm, you can see any on-going alarms. This view is often empty.
  • Under Following, you can see the people who you follow (if any).
  • The SOS menu is where, during an on-going alarm, you can communicate with your followers using the chat feature. It also communicates your location (shared only during an ongoing alarm, find out more under About privacy). When there is no on-going alarm, you can see the watch’s status under SOS – the battery level and whether it is connected to the app/phone. You can also initiate a manual alarm under SOS.
  • Under Followers, you can see a list of the people following you. You always choose your followers yourself, and invitations are sent from here. 
  • Settings is pretty self-explanatory. It is the menu where you will find information about your profile, the watch’s software and whether there are any software updates, as well as information connected to your subscription and an option to log out of the app.


For followers, there are 3 menu options in the app. Alarm, Following and Settings.

BellPal-appen i Google PlayBellPal-appen i Apples App Store

Would you like to find out more about how the app works? Do you need help adding followers or pairing the watch with your mobile phone? Does the software in your watch need updating? 

You will find instructions about how to use the app at


Technology specifics

You do not need much technical expertise to use the BellPal Watch. All you need, apart from the watch, is a subscription, the BellPal app and a connection between the two. You will find information about how to do this in the leaflet included with the watch, or at For those of you who would like to find out more about the technology, the following paragraph provides more detailed technical information. However, those of you who are not that interested in technical details can skip this section.

The basic technology behind the watch’s functionality is artificial intelligence, a motion sensor (3D accelerometer) and Bluetooth radio technology (which was invented by the Swedish company Ericsson). The technology allows your watch to stay connected to the BellPal app on your smart phone in a way that is energy-efficient.

More specifically, artificial intelligence involves machine learning where a sensor and an algorithm have learned to recognize very specific patterns, namely patterns related to falls. These patterns are identified with a high level of precision and ignore similar patterns that are not falls. This training has been carried out using a combination of medical data related to falls and actual users. Yes, we have a lot of experience of falling over. Despite using protective mats during our research, we documented at least one broken rib. Investing in technological research can sometimes be painful (we should point out that it was a member of staff who was injured, no actual users were harmed during our research). 

Motion sensors together with an AI engine then identify and classify, in real time, a user’s motion patterns, and thus can immediately send an alarm if a fall occurs. Simple, yet complex.

The app on the phone of the person wearing the watch then sends notifications to the designated followers via BellPal’s alarm system and incident management system.

BellPal has developed an advanced system based on a number of smart and high-tech technologies. Chips, sensors and algorithms are placed on a circuit board, which in turn is incorporated into a module containing the watch movement.



Artificial Intelligence
There is an AI engine in the watch that continuously analyses motions.
Battery level monitoring
In the app, followers can see the battery level of the watch the user is wearing.
In the event of a fall/alarm, the person wearing the watch and their designated followers will get notifications on their smartphones.
The watch communicates with the user's smartphone through Bluetooth technology.
No charging required
The BellPal Watch has a battery life of 6 months. No charging required.
User friendly
The BellPal Watch does not require any special installation and is easy to use.
The range between the watch and the smartphone is about 50 metres if the signal is not blocked by obstacles.
The watch has advanced sensors that register any falls.
The BellPal Watch is water proof to 5 ATM and can be worn while showering or swimming.


Material, watch-case Steel 316L
Bracelet Leather, Steel Mesh
Diameter, watch-case 40 mm
Thickness, watch-case 12,3 mm
Weight 25 gram
Width, bracelet 20 mm
Water proof Yes, 5ATM
Movement Quartz, Miyota

System requirements

The BellPal Watch requires a smartphone with Bluetooth and an internet connection. The majority of smartphones manufactured in 2015 or later are compatible with the BellPal Watch.

iPhones Operating system iOS 11 or later (we strongly recommend having the most updated operating system). iPhone 7, 8, X or later.

Android phones Operating system Android 7.0 Nougat or later. Bluetooth 4.1 or later.

About your privacy

BellPal protects your privacy. It is not possible for anyone, neither BellPal nor any of your followers, to monitor you or the watch’s movements and location. It is only when an alarm is triggered that the BellPal app (on your phone) registers your location and shares it with your followers. This means that our alarm system, which is responsible for the distribution of notifications to your followers, also sees your location when an alarm has been triggered.

BellPal can also see your watch’s battery level. This is so that we can send you a new battery when the battery in your watch needs to be replaced.

Part of the service included in the subscription Friends & Family is that we ensure that a new battery is sent to you when your old battery needs replacing. We recommend that you take your watch to a watchmaker’s to replace the battery (but if you have a steady hand you can replace the battery yourself).

About getting older and falling

At BellPal we see our mission as promoting and supporting an active and independent lifestyle for senior citizens. Quality of life is our focus. However, behind this mission is a challenge. A third of people over the age of 65 have suffered a fall. It is a major health problem with considerable direct costs, but for many people it also gives rise to feelings of anxiety. Anxiety on its own can be a significant problem if it leads to a less active and more restricted life. A less active life leads to the body becoming frail, which in turn can trigger a downward spiral. At BellPal, we want to change that.

For relatives

No one should have to be anxious. However, anxiety plays a big part in the lives of many people with parents, friends or a partner whose mobility is not what it once was. Every year, a third of people over the age of 65 suffer a fall, and even if you have a relative who has not suffered a fall, you may still feel worried about this.

With the BellPal Watch, you can avoid a lot of the day-to-day worry, as you know you will be notified if a relative falls, as well as where they have fallen, the moment it happens.

At BellPal we have first hand experience of family members who are sceptical about assistive devices. It could include anything from stigmatizing red alarm buttons on the wrist to walking frames and anti-slip mats. It is quite natural that as an independent individual you do not want to feel that you no longer have control of your own body. With the BellPal Watch, we hope that your suggestions for aids will be better received. We think that an assistive device should be designed like an accessory and not like a medical device, and from our perspective it is about enabling an independent and active life, rather than providing a security alarm.

As a BellPal watch user, you know that your relatives are your followers, and as a relative you will appear in the list of followers.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you have any further questions. But before doing so, we would suggest that you take a look at the instructions at ( where you will find detailed information about how the BellPal Watch and the BellPal app work.

(imagery created partly with Freepik)