What sets BellPal apart from the others?

What sets BellPal apart from the others?

  • BellPal has not been created on the basis of technology, but on how technology can be used to meet the needs of our everyday lives.
  • BellPal’s founders are doctors, public health experts, healthcare professionals, AI experts, the elderly and relatives, who together, possess exceptional experience in the field.
  • The high-tech, world-leading and unique Fall AI software that BellPal has developed to identify cases has a precision that is unique compared to all others on the market.
  • The method for training the algorithm has been developed by BellPal based on real cases with seniors, which BellPal has documented visually and with sensors on the senior’s body. We then have documented case patterns that are based on what healthcare shows are the most common cases. When we tested the algorithm, the cases were made by a large group of individuals where the majority were over 70 years old, to get as close to the target group as possible. The purpose of the algorithm is to analyze, with as much precision as possible, in order to exclude the movements that are not real falls.
  • Compared to similar products, the BellPal watch has an operating life of at least 6 months, so that the user does not have to worry about the watch battery life running out. BellPal’s system informs the user when it’s time to change the battery
  • BellPal’s design perspective is to develop products and services that you want to wear and want to use.
  • Stigma is one of the main reasons why safety products are not used. The individual’s need for some increased security is natural. It does not have to entail a constant need for medical care or that one is particularly vulnerable.

BellPal conducted a field study where they studied seniors and relatives’ thoughts and experiences about security – the results showed that an extremely important and decisive factor is how an alarm should be distributed – who gets the alarm?
– the opportunity to both inform and communicate with their loved ones when the accident occurs is what is missing. Being able to then choose support from a 24/7 alarm service and communicate with them in the event of an alarm, makes the system unbeatable.

At present, the majority of all systems are structured as a so-called “One-To-One” system, i.e when the user’s alarm only goes to one instance, operator or one person chosen by the user. This involves many challenges and vulnerabilities on many levels.

BellPal’s products and services are developed in Sweden. BellPal owns the entire chain in its platform, which means that we take the responsibility of its operationality.

Other options

A major challenge with the fantastic technical products such as Smartwatches is that they are not designed for safety, security and care.

  • The products need to be charged every / every other day
  • The alarm only reaches one person
  • There is no underlying system that ensures the safety of the individual
  • The products are not developed to meet the needs that exist regarding safety and security, but are developed for lifestyle such as exercise, diet or the like.

There are other products offered for the care and security market, which are often called GPS watches or SOS alarms.

BellPal’s field studies show shortcomings in similar products on the market. Deficiencies such as how the products do not have sufficient battery life, are clumsy, not attractive in design and are perceived as cumbersome and thus do not provide sufficient support based on the individual’s need to experience security.