• Subscriptions - Nära & Kära

      Friends & Family

      If you have a watch but no subscription, you can purchase it here. Once you have paid for your subscription you will receive an email that will help you connect the subscription to your app and watch.

      • The subsciption cost $10 a month, and is a "pay as you go" service. You can cancel the subscription when ever you want, directly.
      • All the followers you have chosen will receive an alarm
      • All your followers will be notified of your location in the event of an alarm
      • All your followers can see the battery level of your BellPal Watch
      • No lock-in period

      This product is currently available in Sweden, USA, Australia, please contact the regional site or sales representative.

      10.00 $ / month
    • Subscriptions - BellPal Trygghetsjour

      BellPal Trygghetsjour lanseras under hösten 2019

      Larmet går till BellPal Trygghetsjour där vi tar emot larm dygnet runt alla dagar i veckan. BellPaltrygghetsjour ansvarar för att se till att du får hjälp och vi informerar dina följare om vad som sker.

      • 199 kr/månad
      • Hjälp dygnet runt
      • Utbildad personal
      • 3 månaders bindningstid

      199.00 $ / month with a 3-month free trial