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You are never alone

In order for the BellPal Watch to give you the independence and security you need to live an active life without having to feel anxious, it is linked to the BellPal App via a subscription.

With a BellPal Watch and a subscription, you and the people you have entrusted to be your followers are connected. They will be alerted in the event of a fall, or manual alarm.

Purchase and start the Friends & Family subscription

Friends & Family

If you have a watch but no subscription, you can purchase it here. Once you have paid for your subscription you will receive an email that will help you connect the subscription to your app and watch.

  • The subsciption cost $10 a month, and is a “pay as you go” service. You can cancel the subscription when ever you want, directly.
  • All the followers you have chosen will receive an alarm
  • All your followers will be notified of your location in the event of an alarm
  • All your followers can see the battery level of your BellPal Watch
  • No lock-in period

This product is currently available in Sweden, USA, Australia, please contact the regional site or sales representative.

You can find the BellPal app here

The app is available for both Android and Apple and it is used by the person wearing the BellPal Watch, as well as their designated followers. We update the app continuously in order to provide new and improved functionality and increased stability.