About BellPal

BellPal was founded in 2016 with its headquarters in Stockholm. BellPal develops products and services that support seniors to live free and active lives. Our goal is to use design and engineering to develop a more humane technology.

“I grew up with my grandparents. Early on, I learned about this with aging. My grandmother, Irene, developed dementia. One day she did not answer when I called her. Not the next day either. Finally we called the police, who later found her in the bathtub. After three long days and nights alone, she was in a bad condition, but alive. I understood that she was not the only senior who had experienced this horrible experience. Older people fall and do not have the strength to get up, nor are they able to get in touch with family, friends or other help. It happens all the time, everywhere, and all too often with fatal consequences. That’s why we started BellPal. To support our seniors to live active lives with a high quality of life, while maintaining freedom. ”

–  David Ziemsky, Founder and CEO

The challenge that drives BellPal

Quality of life. If BellPal can provide support for increased, maintained and above all, prevent a reduced quality of life, then we have come a long way in our objective. This is the big challenge that drives BellPal.

Quality of life includes several elements that complement each other. Some common cornerstones are: Being healthy, physically active, part of a social context, able to function independently are key elements for the general well-being. There are other important factors too of course; such as socio-economic situation, a functioning economy, housing, etc. obviously does have its effects. Being worried about our livelihood can have a huge negative impact.

Social isolation is a very strong and negative contributing factor to a poorer quality of life and public health. We all have different needs. Choosing to be alone and liking it is not the same as feeling lonely. Our social networks affect our perception of whether one is isolated or not. However, the risk increases with increasing age, for several reasons, many of which can easily be remedied by prevention. It can be difficult to identify and act accordingly to solve them.

The simple is sometimes the most difficult

When our hearing deteriorates, it is not as easy to understand as we may think. Impaired hearing often comes in stages. This is the same with the eyesight and the body’s strength and condition. Hearing difficulties makes social situations stressful; you feel “left out” when you are unable to understand what others are saying. This in turn may lead you to being less active as you avoid socializing, as it all seems more difficult and uncomfortable. This will in turn not just lead to a more boring life, but will also affect your physical well being. One leads to the other, and it is both difficult to detect in time, and to break the negative spiral.

The challenge is to identify the actual situation and to be able to change it before it’s too late. That’s what drives BellPal.

What BellPal develops and offers

What BellPal delivers is the basic support of feeling relatively safe in the event of sudden challenges; – like falling – but at the same time, knowing that there are loved ones and professionals who can help me.

With the premise that we as individuals, who in their basic nature want to be part of a community and not distinguish ourselves negatively, would prefer aids that are different, than what it is today. We do not want to highlight our need for support. We want to be functional and independent. With this in mind, we have designed products and services that you want to use and do not feel any reluctance. Positive support has a value in our everyday life.

BellPal develops and designs its products and services in Sweden. Classic Swedish engineering and design.


David Ziemsky
CEO & Founder

Mårten Junell
Chief Technology Officer

Cecilia Claussnitzer
Head of Administrations HQ

Nicola Carlquist
Head Of International Administrations