Why BellPal?

Why BellPal?

If we want to use any type of “smart support”, without a feeling like it is a must – we should realize that we have come a long way. About 30% do not use the security alarms they have been given. Even though this need is large, you have to want to use it, and that makes the design of the equipment a very decisive factor.

We fall a lot when we get a little older. A fall in itself may not be dangerous but unfortunately, many are too weak to get back up on their feet. The majority of accidents for which medical emergency care is sought are due to falls. Many fall alarm cases that have occurred, have had difficulty being triggered when it actually happened. Sometimes they sound the alarm all the time, or not at all. Therefore, the supply is limited. This is the reason why municipal home care services, for example, with security alarms, do not offer a built-in automatic fall alarm, as this could involve the high risk of false alarms.

BellPal has developed an advanced automatic fall alarm based on how we actually fall. With Artificial Intelligence, an algorithm has been developed to be able to identify our movements and falls. With a selection of individuals over the age of 70, BellPal has tested falls, many times over, with special cameras that reads the movements with sensors on the body. The algorithm is a result of individuals’ actual cases. The level of tolerance is very high, making it a world-leading Fall Algorithm. All this testing was to ensure that the BellPal A.I watch works when you really need it.

The majority of cases occur mostly during the day and at home. The positive effect of being healthier and moving more, traveling and being out in nature, increases the risk that we can fall when we are not at home, or need some help in general. Therefore, BellPal’s products and services must work where you are, and that means everywhere!

Having to think about battery charging is a common worry. Security is knowing that everything works without needing to keep track of all the details. That’s why BellPal’s watch has more than 7 months of continuous battery life, even though you wear the watch all the time.

The simple principle – one for all and all for one

Many smart watches and some alarm products, such as security alarms, send alarms to a person or a place. Security depends on a select circuit of individuals. Today, only the home care service’s emergency service receives an alarm and no one else. The family and loved ones are not included.

BellPal’s solution is based on a very large number of interviews and studies on what and how we want support and help. It is completely natural that one would want their social network of family, friends and neighbors, to be informed and know if something has happened and be able to help you, together. Everyone wants to know if a loved one needs help urgently – even though they may not be physically available – just getting information gives us a sense of security in itself.

Professionals, such as the home care services, face a challenge, as they do not have a communication channel with family or acquaintances of the person in need of assistance. Connecting professional security with our private social network means that we can be more efficient and that everyone shares information.

That is why our BellPal + service, BellPals Alarmcentral, is connected to loved ones as well, in the event of an alarm

Never Left Behind

A major challenge is system responsibility – ie to provide overall support even if individual parts do not work. The system keeps the user aware that everything works. Most products / services have no so-called redundancy communication when they do not work. If you fall where there is no coverage, no one knows anything and the alarm does not go off.

BellPal’s system is based on an idea of ​​”Never Left Behind” – no one forgotten, no one left alone. If the watch should break or the app loses network, the system reads it, and then we can be helped – together.
Getting help when you need it is good – getting help before you need it is fantastic! Many things can be foreseen. BellPal’s development work includes being able to provide support in the event of any negative, often completely natural, changes in the User – before it becomes serious. For BellPal, quality of life is both the knowledge that you get help when you need it – and before you even knew you needed it. Proactive and reactive.

My children’s grandfather lives thanks to BellPal

”I have a small cabin north of Stockholm, and our family uses it for holidays. In March, one late afternoon I went up to fix some stuff for our Easter holiday. I fell and got stuck under the porch. I shouted, I made all efforts to get up, but I was in some strange way stuck.

I heard the mobile phone calling repeatedly… and I realized I had the BellPal watch on my arm, and it was blinking green! This meant that someone had seen the fall alarm, and I could be assured that my family knew I was in trouble. I can’t say I was relaxed as the night fell, as it takes at least two hours to drive to the cabin. Still, I knew someone would react!

”I had just checked in at the airport, when my smartphone beeped. I saw the BellPal Alarm – it was dad, and I could see on the map that he was in the family cabin. I called him, and no answer! I called and called, and then I called mom, my sister, but didn’t get through. I also called our neighbour but he was on vacation. So I went out, took my car and drove up to the cabin, calling and calling, but no answer. It was dark and I was terrified. When I got there, I shouted and he answered like only my dad can.

– I am under the porch having a party, wanna join in?

I pulled him out and he did not look that tough, but I was so happy and we hugged like we never wanted to stop!”
I had to call BellPal and tell this story. I was still in some kind of shock, and my tears came when I spoke about this to the guy on the phone, who was actually the founder of BellPal ! I got a feeling he got a bit emotional too, because he ended the talk with: ”This is enough for me… one life saved makes all the efforts worthwhile!