About falls

About falls

We fall a lot. After we turn sixty, we start to fall with more frequency, and it is often for relatively simple, harmless reasons. We begin to see worse, hear worse and move less, in general. It is a chain of components that affect each other. Falling accidents make up two thirds of all accidents – about 67,000 people annually. Read more here.

Falling is not something you brag about. Not even when you have all the odds against you, such as downhill skiing, skating, etc, You do not want to show or admit that you have fallen. We are made to stand and walk on our legs and feet. It is not particularly strange that it is stigmatizing to fall, but it is important to pay attention and prevent it.

We can prevent a lot with fairly simple exercises to strengthen legs and torso muscles. Strength is important. Physical activity means that we eat well and have more stamina.

Many cases do not lead to serious accidents per se. Unfortunately, many find it difficult to get up on their feet and do not have enough strength or energy, and lie down.

If you start to stumble, have fallen, contact your family doctor or health center. Read more here and here.

Social isolation

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all been tried in isolation, to varying degrees. Not having frequent social contacts affects us negatively. It is the decisive factor for a good quality of life. Simplified, you can say that if you have social contacts in everyday life, many challenges will be fewer than if you live socially isolated. One leads to another.

Half of all people over the age of 75 have a hearing impairment. Read more here. If your hearing is impaired, it’s harder to converse and you may feel a little awkward to always need to ask “What?” “What did you say?” It can cause you to withdraw to have social activities, which leads to you being more alone at home. This in turn leads to you not being so physically active, which causes the muscles to weaken. Often, if you live alone or are not socially active, you eat less. One leads to the other. That’s why we go out and meet people and hang out every day.

Falling is not something you brag about. Unfortunately, we say…