App, System & Communication

About the App, the System and the Communication

Today, and since a few years ago, most people use smartphones. We do everything from communicating, watching movies, paying bills, playing and reading with our smartphones. In Sweden, about 90% of the population up to the age of 78 own a smartphone with internet.

In short, BellPal has developed a communication system. The BellPal app receives the signal from the BellPal Watch, and distributes it further to the user’s BellPal Network. It can be the neighbor, the children, the friends, whoever you want and as many as you like, can be part of your own BellPal network. BellPal’s method means that in the event of an alarm, everyone in your chosen BellPal Network can see where the user is. Everyone in the user’s BellPal Network can communicate with each other within the BellPal App. The good thing is that everyone who is part of a BellPal Network can communicate, even though they may not know each other personally.

When BellPal developed the application and communication system, the work was based on interviews, surveys and own experiences. That is to say, what adult children think, needs of the users and professionals in care services

The basic idea is not to over dramatize a situation, but instead, make it easy to receive and give support. Many seniors who fall, do not have enough strength to get up by themselves and need an extra hand for support. About 45% of fall incidents result in fractures.

In situations like these, it could be that you do not know or have contact with your mother’s neighbor or all of your father’s friends. When an incident occurs, the stress increases and it can be difficult to suddenly need to sort out who, what or how a situation should be handled. With the BellPal Network created in the App, this information is available, which provides security.