BellPal: the most elegant emergency alert watch in the world.

Five Elegant Designs to Choose From:
The BellPal Executive Watch
White Dial
Stainless Steel Body
Brown Leather Strap
The BellPal Noir Watch
Black Dial
Stainless Steel Body
Black Leather Strap
The BellPal Ocean Watch
Blue Dial
Stainless Steel Body
Blue Leather Strap
The BellPal Pearl Watch
Mother of Pearl Dial
Stainless Steel Body
Black Leather Strap
The BellPal Beach Watch
Mother of Pearl Dial
Rose Gold Body
Black Leather Strap

How can it be yours? Two easy steps:

Add your favorite watch to your shopping cart below.
Select your monitoring plan.

On the “Subscriptions” page, choose the Friends & Family Plan ($9.95/mth) or the Professional Protection Plan* ($19.95/mth), and add to your shopping cart. Click here: Subscriptions

*The 24/7 professional monitoring plan turns the BellPal watch into an emergency alert system.

Order A BellPal Watch


The BellPal watch only works as a medical alert device with a monitoring subscription. We offer a Professional Protection Plan and a Friends & Family Plan. After you place your watch in the cart be sure to add a protection plan. If you need any assistance call us at (800) 300-1724 M-F 9:00 – 5:30 ET.

24/7 Response.
No Matter Where You Are.

Friends and Family Plan: When the need arises, the watch will send notices to the smartphones of your friends and family. You select who gets the notices. They’ll see your info and location, and can reach out to help.

Professional Protection Plan: In addition to notifying friends and family, we can notify a professional 24/7 monitoring center, with sophisticated capabilities. They will contact the user to assess the situation and can notify police, fire, EMS, or ambulance at any location in the US.

Verify your smartphone is compatible
iPhones: Operating system iOS 11 or later (7, 8, X or later).
Android: Operating system Android 7.0 Nougat or later and Bluetooth version 4.1 or later.

Design & Function

The BellPal watch is a functional, well-designed watch with sophisticated features. The watch contains sensors, artificial intelligence, algorithm-controlled motion detection for falls. It’s a user-friendly watch with a design that’s as functional as it is timeless.

  • A button - A manual alternative if or when you need it. Simple to use
  • Style and fitness - A gorgeous wristwatch, not an obvious aid.
  • Leather straps- Available in several different styles.

This 48-second video explains why wearing a BellPal is smart

About the technology

Artificial Intelligence
The watch contains an AI engine that constantly analyses the user’s movements.
Battery monitoring
In the app, the user and followers can monitor how much battery the watch has left.
You will receive notices on your smartphone when an alarm is triggered.
The watch and smartphone communicate via Bluetooth.
No charging required
The BellPal watch does not require any charging. The battery inside the watch lasts for 6 months.
The BellPal watch is simple to use. No installation required.

Reception range
The reception range between the watch and smartphone is 164 feet on an open landscape.
The watch contains advanced sensors that can detect when/if you fall.
Water resistant
The BellPal watch is water resistant.

Technical Specifications

Case back material 316L stainless steel
Strap Leather strap
Case (body) diameter 1.57 inches (40 mm)
Case (body) thickness .484 inch (12.3 mm)
Weight .882 inch (25 grams)
Strap width .788 inch (20 mm)
Waterproofing Yes, 5 ATM
Clockwork Quartz

System requirements

The BellPal watch requires that the user has a smartphone with Bluetooth and internet connectivity. Most smartphones models from 2015 and after are compatible with the BellPal watch. Search for the “BellPal USA” app.

iPhones Operating system iOS 11 or later (7, 8, X or later)

Android phones Operating system Android 7.0 Nougat or later Bluetooth version 4.1 or later

About Us

The BellPal watch is designed by Swedish engineers, and delivered to us from Stockholm, Sweden, courtesy of BellPal AB.

BellPal has been introduced in the United States by BlueStar SeniorTech, a veteran-owned company located outside Washington DC.  BlueStar provides senior technologies to thousands of customers in all 50 states. To contact us, email: