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BellPal watch

BellPal watch
The watch features world-leading technology with automatic fall detection at its core. The watch constantly analyses your movements and detects if you fall, fully automatically. The watch requires no charging or complicated installation.

Friends & Family
If you fall, an alarm is automatically sent to your contacts who can track your location. The watch also has a manual alarm button. You can effortlessly contact your loved ones in the app. In the app, your selected contacts/followers can see where you are and can communicate directly with other followers to help you in the best possible way.


With the Friends & Family service, you are connected to your contacts on your terms. A contact can’t see your location until an alarm occurs. The service is tied for 12 months with 1 month’s notice after commitment period. You have 30 days full return policy.

You connect your loved ones easily via the app, together we make life safer. In case of an emergency, everyone can see where you are and can communicate with each other and help you in the best way possible.

The BellPal watch has 7 months of operational runtime – nothing to charge or worry about. All advanced technology works in the background. No cumbersome installations or wires required.

Feeling a little safer shouldn’t be complicated or something to be ashamed of. That’s why design is crucial to make us want to use safety products.

You can call us whatever your needs, we are here to ask all your questions without stress or difficulty. You can reach us on weekdays on (800) 300-1724 or send an email to

Technical specification BellPal watch

Case back material

316L Stainless steel


Leather strap/ Stainless steel


40 mm

Case (body) thickness

13 mm


25 gram

Strap width

20 mm

Water resistant

Ja, 5 ATM


Quartz, Miyota