Uppdate to the new BellPal app on your iPhone

As a Bellpal customer in the USA, you have been using the BellPal USA app.

We are now launching a major upgrade of the app, and from this version and on, all BellPal customers will use the same international app. To upgrade, you will need to deinstall the BellPal USA app and manually install the common BellPal 2.0 app.

Please follow the detailed instructions below!

1. Check your watch firmware before you begin!

• In the BellPal USA app, go to the Settings page (click the cog wheel, down right).

• Click on the text ”BellPal watch update”

• If the next page tells you to update your watch, please follow the on screen instructions. If the page states that your watch is up to date, please continue to the deinstall stage.

2. Deinstall the old Bellpal USA app.

• Find the BellPal USA-icon on your iPhone.

• Press and hold your finger for a couple of seconds until a dialogue is shown.

• Click on ”Remove app”

3. Remove the watch from Bluetooth settings.

• Open ”Settings” on your iPhone.

• Click on the settings for ”Bluetooth”

• If you find BellPal Watch One in the list, click on the blue (i)-symbol

• Choose ”Forget This Device”

4. Reset your BellPal watch

• Reset the watch by pressing the alarm button for 30 seconds.

• Press the watch against a hard surface, it helps.

5. Install the new international BellPal app

• Open App-store on your phone and search for BellPal. Install the app.

Log in to the BellPal app with your mobile phone number and follow the instructions for pairing the watch. If you have any problems, please try the new help function. 

• When the app has been running for a while, it will ask you if the app may use your Location even when you are not using the app. This is critical to allow your location to be sent in an emergency situation. Please choose ”Change to ALWAYS” when this is presented to you. Note! Your location is only shown to your followers in an alarm situation.

• Remember to always keep the BellPal app running in the background.

Do you have any questions or problems, please contact our support. Phone (800) 300 -1724 option 2.

More information is also available in the updated Quick Start Guide.